ECHTE LIEBE - "true love" - official slogan of club Borussia Dortmund.


True Love, to love without conditions, that is what the pople and fans of the BVB stand for. Through vitory, through defeat, high and the lows. True love. You can't really appreciate success without knowing the pain of failure. Borussia Dortmund is a club like no other. Literally. They boast the highest attnedances all season throughout Europe and a home game is an experience like no other.


The most iconic of game day atmospheres, to stand it, or be part of the famous "yellow wall" is an adventure to say the least. For BVB fans, there is nothing else. There is no victory there is no defeat there is just love for the club, the people and what they represent.


  • This Next Level tee is deep black with a yellow print of the club's slogan blazed across the chest.

  • If you are not satisfied we will kindly and immediately refund your pruchase upon resending of the product.

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